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Thread: dentist/anesthesia and breastfeeding

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    Default dentist/anesthesia and breastfeeding

    i am going to the dentist on tuesday and will get anesthesia as it is an invasive treatment. can i still breastfeed? or should i feed baby expressed milk and dump the milk after going to the dentist? i am worried about what might pass through to her in the milk after.

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    Default Re: dentist/anesthesia and breastfeeding

    You really need to find out what kind of anisthesia they will be using. Most is completely safe to breastfeed after. Think about csection mamas who are but under and still breastfeed. The rule I've heard is if you feel okay enough to hold baby, then you can breastfeed. It's out of your system enough if you aren't feeling the effects of it. I was put under for wisdom teeth extraction and couldn't breastfeed for 24 hours. I kept getting a blanket statement, and they wouldn't tell me so I could look it up myself. Make sure you find out what it is and look it up. Kelly mom is a great place for that. http://www.kellymom.com/health/illness/dentalwork.html
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    Default Re: dentist/anesthesia and breastfeeding

    With the PP. You should find out exactly what they are going to give you. Also find out if it is possible to just receive lidocaine.

    I had to have my wisdom teeth removed while very pregnant, he just used a $#!t ton of lidocaine. It wasn't enjoyable, because I could hear everything that was going on, but I wasn't in any pain. I just put my iPod on and tried to go to a happy place until it was over!

    Virtually any medication you will take will pass through you milk. Some are safer than others. So it's important to get educated on what you will be given in order to make an informed decision.

    Good luck mama! Dental work is no fun!
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    Default Re: dentist/anesthesia and breastfeeding

    I have had some extensive dental work! Including some implants and have done all of it with novacaine only. I think being put under makes the recovery worse

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    Default Re: dentist/anesthesia and breastfeeding

    You can generally take quite a few meds and not have to pump and dump. I'd find out what they plan to use and call the good folks at infantrisk.org for guidance.

    I had to get put under for a stomach issue earlier this year and was fine to nurse! I called the site above for help.

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