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Thread: Sleeping thru the night

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    So...will my body be adjusting soon to his sleeping 8 hours at night? He's 3 months old now and sleeping longer stretches at night. I wake up so engorged. Is this something to just deal with?

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    Your body will adjust. It just takes some time and patience on your part. I was wondering the same thing when my LO starting sleeping for longer stretches (then he started sleeping for shorter stretches and then longer ones again and so on . . . ). It was a pain--literally--at first, but it slowly got better. You could try hand expressing just enough to make yourself comfortable if it's really bothersome, but don't express too much milk, otherwise you will signal your body to make more milk to replace what was removed. Or you could always pump some to save for future use. It depends on what you want to do. Just remember, the more you empty the breast, the more milk you will make to replace it. Good luck with everything!

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