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Thread: 8 month old, no weight gain in 3 months??

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    Default 8 month old, no weight gain in 3 months??

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this board and looking for some help! I'm so worried for my little guy...I took him to the doctor yesterday cause he's sick right now and when they weighed him the nurse commented he hadn't gained any weight since his last visit....then when the Dr. came in to check him out he said he hadn't gained any weight in 3mos.! Sure enough I went back and checked and he's been 16lbs. 13oz. for almost 3 months now.
    He gained a ton of weight at first...he weighed 8lbs 8oz. at birth, at his 3 day checkup with the midwives he had actually gained 3 oz., so I dont know if he ever lost any weight after birth like babies normally do. He continued in that pattern of gaining weight quickly until, obviously, around 5.5 months old. He's now 8.5 months old and is definitely a lean little guy, but he's been growing height-wise and is now 27 in. tall (was 20 inc. at birth).
    What irritated me yesterday is of course the doctor made a comment about me still BFing and needing to supplement with formula. I started him on solids already and he eats really well, he also nurses at least 5 times a day still.

    I refuse to resort to formula....I nursed my older son until he was 3.5 years old and I intend to give my second son the same for as long as he wants. He's always been a "fussy" baby and is easily distractable...so nursing him is never easy. He never stays on longer than 5-10 minutes tops. He clearly prefers the left breast, and I've been suspecting very low milk supply in my right breast for several months now, although I still offer it to him and he'll nurse for a little bit on it. He does sleep 10-12 hours a night in a separate room...we co-slept until he was 6 months old at which point he started crawling and repeatedly falling off the bed so we felt it was safer to move him to a crib. I'd be willing to change up sleeping arrangements if that long stretch of not nursing is what's causing the slow weight gain though!

    Anyway...I'm blabbing a lot...but does anyone have any advice on how to help him gain weight? Do you think I have milk supply issues? If so...what should I do about it? Just don't want to be starving my little guy

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    Default Re: 8 month old, no weight gain in 3 months??

    I wouldn't worry. My son gained 2oz a day from the time he was born until he was 4.5 months old. Then he slid all the way to .5 oz a day. He slid from 95 percentile all the way to the 75 by the time he was 9months old. It's normal for breastfed kid to stop gaining when they get moving. As soon as my Kid hit the Jumpy and started burning calories it slowed way down. Add rolling and crawling to the mix and all the distractibility and I think it's more of the same. I did spend as much time as physically possible around him at that age down on the floor with him with my shirt off. To remind him to eat. And I did get a lot of "drive by" sucks as he was using me as a human jungle gym. But I think your child's weight is is fine and while I would like to see SOME gain....I wouldn't resort to formula to get there either. I think that if your child is meeting the milestones and still GROWING I would try to add healthy fat to your solids and do more naked breast offerings. But like use avacado to butter bread, cook with coconut oil....Your baby sounds like he is eating and growing. Keep up the good work!

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    Default Re: 8 month old, no weight gain in 3 months??

    Like your baby, Joe gained quickly for the first six months, shooting up into the 90%s. But between six months and a year, he lengthened out but hardly gained anything. Even now, at 20 months, he weighs only a couple more pounds than he did at six months. Because he started out big, and he's still pretty big, I haven't been told to supplement (also, my doctor seems to understand that this is normal for BF'd babies, thank goodness). But basically, this is TEXTBOOK NORMAL for breastfed babies. The charts were not developed using breastfed babies, so it's common for them to fall in the percentiles in the second half of the first year. Joe went from 97% for weight all the way down to 67% in about a year. That's a drop of 30 percentile points. (His height also fell, but not as drastically.)

    So I agree, rather than supplementing with formula, perhaps sneak in a dream feeding in the evenings? And make sure he's getting plenty of dense calorie foods.

    If you feel like your baby is healthy, energetic, and eating well, then I trust YOU.

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