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Thread: EP and Domperidone

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    Exclamation EP and Domperidone

    I am on my 3rd month of taking domperidone to help keep my supply of milk...had an incredible low supply in the beginning and tried herbals to no avail.... Domperidone has been a Godsend with no negative side effects for me or for my little guy.

    I am wondering if there is anyone else who is on/was on Domperidone and what effect did it have on your periods? I have had no signs of periods as of yet....I'm not concerned...just trying to figure out my "schedule". Does domperidone prolong the lack of a period? For how long? Will it be gone until after I stop the drug? Will it hurt anything not having a period while I'm on it for that long?


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    I don't know if Dom affects your cycle or not, but breastfeeding definitely does in many women. Some women never have their period while nursing, even if they nurse for years! Must be nice! Unless you're trying to get preggo, of course!

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    with the PP. I wouldn't blame the Domperidone. Lactation suppresses your menstrual cycle, and that's entirely normal and is actually good for your body.

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