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Thread: weaning advice please?

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    Default weaning advice please?

    hello all,
    my ds who is just over 16 months seems to be attached to the "girls" lately. i am not planning to end my breastfeeding quite yet but he just does not want me out of his sights lately. he bites me when he gets upset that he can't have milk right away and will refuse to eat anything i give him. he will also pull my shirt down whenever he feels like it or if i am carrying him he will reach his hands down my shirt and start pulling at my breast. i want to gradually cut maybe one feeding out in a day but i feel like it is not possible i also do nurse him to sleep as he sleeps in the same bed as my husband and i and it is the only way he will fall asleep . it's just getting a little out of hand with the biting...he's bit me a few times really good within the past couple days. i know he is teething too and he does find the breast comforting but i seem to be spending a lot of time at the couch or sitting with him just so he can suckle at it even if there is no milk. maybe its just me, i feel like i am getting frustrated some days. any advice would be greatly appreciated! thank you.
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    Default Re: weaning advice please?

    It's okay to set limits mama. And it's definitely okay to teach him nursing manners, like no lifting up your shirt or no reaching his hands down your shirt. I think we all have a point where we get frustrated, but setting sone limits and teaching him to ask politely may help a bit.

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