New mother of a four month old with a couple of tips to share!

Nursing in Bed:
1) I was terrified to nurse in bed because of:
* our small bed - a full
* our hardwood floors
* our bed is also pretty high off the ground

We didn't have anywhere in the house for me and baby to sleep elsewhere except the sofa, and really I didn't like splitting up the family at night anyway.

SO --- we finally decided to remove our bed frame and boxspring and put the mattress directly on the floor! It is GREAT! I am so much more relaxed and we breastfeed in bed all the time now which will be awesome when I go back to work next week.

Spit Up Management:

2) Daddy and I were so tired of changing LO's outfit after a spit up incident, especially when trying to get out the door for Church, shopping or other outing.

We finally learned to put a bib on her during or directly after nursing. That way when the spit ups comes the bib gets wet but not the outfit and they are easy to switch out.

Hope these tips help someone else.