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Thread: Need help fast! please?

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    Default Need help fast! please?

    I have 6 children ages 15,14,10,7,5 and 5 weeks and have tried to BF all of them used to be a stay at home mom and it was never absolutely vital to pump , however I am in school now and looking to go back to work ( not because I want to ) I dont want to have to leave my baby boy. but I went to WIC and spoke with the LC and got the ameda purely yours electric pump, but have the same issue Ive always had when trying to pump

    1, I cant get comfortable or relax( but do get a let down)
    2, I cant ever seem to get more than 2 oz and thats being generous. HELP!!??

    mom of 6 : I love to and
    am struggling to but I continue to

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    Default Re: Need help fast! please?

    Hang in there!

    Getting 2oz pumping in ADDITION to nursing is GREAT!

    IME I can get more when I pump when it REPLACES a nursing session. Also - most people have a higher supply first thing in the morning. So if you are pumping in ADDITION to nursing, try pumping after baby's first morning nursing session.

    Some people find it helps to do breast compressions while pumping. Here is a VIDEO which may help.
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