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Thread: only 2 oz!!!!!

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    Exclamation only 2 oz!!!!!

    I have 6 children ages 15,14,10,7,5 and 5 weeks and have tried to BF all of them used to be a stay at home mom and it was never absolutely vital to pump , however I am in school now and looking to go back to work ( not because I want to ) I dont want to have to leave my baby boy. but I went to WIC and spoke with the LC and got the ameda purely yours electric pump, but have the same issue Ive always had when trying to pump

    1, I cant get comfortable or relax
    2, I cant ever seem to get more than 2 oz and thats being generous
    3, I dont want to give him nasty formula!!! HELP!!??

    other issues I have had

    initally hours after birth, ...........he would not latch or nurse, just kept crying and burping and farting, had an abnormal amount of air in his tummy nurse had to put a tube down his throat and suck it out.

    days old , would latch but not right very sore nipples, so bad I wanted to cry started to wonder if he was tongue tied, milk def in, but VERY painful let down, although no spraying of milk just drips, gulping sounds, but no "drowning" ( gulping air? ) and if so WHY?
    by 3 weeks had all signs of a breast infection but no clogged duct
    still not latching quiet right but I keep trying to reposition, and he IS gaining weight and having plenty of wet and poopy diapers, doc says looks great and is doing fine, THEN the green diapers start so I did all I could to correct what seemed to be a Hind milk fore milk imbalance, and we are back to regular yellow poop, now my concern is why does he pull away from the breast when nursing and act like hes not getting anything/ breast do go from feeling heavy hard and full to VERY soft and "empty" feeling, is he just not wanting to work for it? gets all fulness gone in about 10-15 min max then just fusses and farts.
    RARELY spits up
    but still nurses happily then suddenly starts crying, and even though im trying to put it back in his mouth he acts like he cant find it moves head back and forth frantically getting frustrated !

    also, while nursing will push nipple out till it hurts leaving a line down the center when i break suction to reposition (ouch)

    any advice?
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