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    Right now I am so frustrated! My LO is 5 weeks and so far breast feeding has been a breeze. Then a week ago he starting having green stools. It got increasingly worse to where he was strainging and crying while trying to poop and twice had some blood in his stools. The pedi thinks he was constipated and we have tried Karo. It seems to be working as his stools are not completely green. This morning they were greeny/yellow but looked to have a small amount of mucus in them. HOWEVER I have noticed that he has been spitting up, which he ususally doesnt, and he has become increasing frustrated at the breast. He is also more gassy. Just not he would cry and arch his back and then feverently relatch...and repeat. It is getting very frustrating. I never take him off the breast when he eats. When things were going well he would eat till content and I would burp him and he would eat on the other side and we never had a problem. I am thinking that it is a milk imbalance and should try block feeding, but I am nervous to try. Will it completely mess up my supply? I want to make sure I understand it correctly. He eats on the right side to content. Then the next time he eats he eats on the right side again. Then at the third feeding he eats on the left side. Then the left side again. Then repeat.
    I have also been pumping once a day to establish a supply for when I return to work. He also finally took a bottle yesterday after 3 weeks so that I can go to the gym or run an errand without freaking out that he is hungry and I am not home.
    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I've been having the same issues with my lo; her symptoms like your describe started at 4 weeks and she's now 12 wks. We started block feeding for foremilk/hindmilk imbalance (and oversupply) a few weeks ago and her poops are now yellow and seedy and she's hardly spit up at all.

    If you want to try block, start small. Try 2 or 3 hrs on the same breast. I don't go by number of feedings on a breast, I just go by the time (12-2, right; 2-4, left, etc. only I'm up to 6 hr blocks now and will probably increase to 7 or 8.). You need to start with a small block first so you don't cause plugged ducts and over-engorgement. You will feel a little engorged at first but it goes away after a few blocks. Also, once your lo gets a little older you might not need block because your supply may level off. Mine never did, but I have way too much milk.

    Also, be careful with pumping too much, as it will only empty your breasts more than what baby needs and therefore increase your supply more. Same thing with engorgement if you try block- don't pump to release pressure too much. If you feel engorged in the middle of the block, your blocks are probably too long.

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