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Thread: Medela 80ml bottles-sterile? and other ?s

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    Default Medela 80ml bottles-sterile? and other ?s

    I am wondering if the 80ml Medela storage and freezer bottles are sterile or if they need to be washed and sterilized before use.

    Is it absolutely necessary for bottles to be completely dry before adding milk?

    Once milk has passed the recommended storage time (8 days for fridge, 3 months for freezer attached to fridge) is it still ok to feed to baby or is it spoiled? If it separates (more than just cream, looks like water on bottom) is that ok to use? If milk is freezer burnt, is it ok? I've read that as long as baby will drink it, then it is fine. So there's really nothing to worry about then, right?

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    Default Re: Medela 80ml bottles-sterile? and other ?s

    I always wash and sterilize bottles prior to use, who knows what happens during shipment. If milk separates it is still good just swirl it around to combine as much as possible. Why is milk freezer burned? Is it just a little crystalized? I personally don't use milk past storage dates but some people do, especially frozen stuff.

    Sometimes the bottles I used had some condensation in them still but not much, is it a huge deal to dry them quickly prior t use?

    Eta...I only sterilize the first time
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    Default Re: Medela 80ml bottles-sterile? and other ?s

    I have read that sterilization is not necessary for full-term, healthy babies - just washing with soap and water is fine. And I don't think a little (fresh) condensation is anything to worry about, but I wouldn't leave a wet bottle sealed in a warm place and THEN use it, yk?

    I do wash bottles prior to first use, but again, I don't sterilize. (I do sterilize pump parts, more to get them all warm and dry than because of fear of germs, because again, soap and water is supposed to be adequate.)

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