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Thread: We made it to one, but now I need some advice!

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    Default We made it to one, but now I need some advice!

    Hi ladies! Our son just turned ONE on 12/21 and I have EBF since birth . I am so proud of nursing our son and love doing it. I now find myself dealing with people acting sort of weird to me that now he is the big ONE I need to start weaning asap. My MIL and a couple of friends/aquantances have made some not so nice comments about OK..he is one..he shouldn't be taking a bottle (I pump at work), he should be on a sippy cup and no more nursing. He is totally fine with a sippy cup and does well, but lately he wants to NURSE, NURSE, NURSE. We co sleep (family bed) and he still nurses a couple of times a night. But, in the day too, he wants to nurse all the time.

    I am so OVER my MIL saying stuff about me nursing pass one, it's annoying. I just don't know what to say to her, or others without being totally rude.

    Second, we would like to try and have another baby, and I'm not getting any younger, so we would like to start trying now to see if it will happen. If not, we're fine with one..but want to give it a shot. I got my AF 6 months after our son was born and my periods are pretty regular. Do you think if I continue to nurse it will hurt our chances?

    Third, I am going through some changes at my job..I work 3 days a week and pump, but would like to give up pumping at work but I'm afraid my supply will totally go away. It's just getting harder to pump at work..I've heard of women just nursing in the morning and night and their supply being just fine...just wondering about that.

    Thanks so much for any advice...I feel SOOOO fortunate to still be able to nurse our son and the bond between us is beautiful! I think too, I'm going to be sad when he weans and if I wean to try and get pg.
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    Default Re: We made it to one, but now I need some advice!

    Other people - do you want to educate or ignore? If you want to educate you can say something like "you may not have realized it but the current WHO recommendations are to breastfeed until 2 and the AAP says breastfeeding is fine for as long as both mom and baby want".

    If its a waste of time to try to educate, then do the smile and nod and thank them for their opinion. And then change the subject.

    If your period is back and regular then continuing to breastfeed shouldn't affect your ability to get pregnant. Some women need to night wean to get their periods to come back but that doesn't sound like your situation.

    Many people choose to pump wean soon after their LO turns one and then go on to continue to breastfeed for a looooong time. When you decide to stop pumping, taper down by making pumping sessions shorter and dropping one session at a time. Your supply will adjust and there WILL be milk when you want to nurse. If for some reason you change your mind, you can always add pumping sessions back in.
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    Default Re: We made it to one, but now I need some advice!

    I had to close the subject with my mil...

    Hubby finaly told her off and then she was much beter about it.

    I said something like I do things my way and you raised yours how you saw fit please don't bug me about nursing anymore. And that was baby number 2
    and she never said a word about babies 3 and 4...

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    Default Re: We made it to one, but now I need some advice!

    I don't get the whole bottle thing either. My mom was giving me a hard time about it too. I told her that my DD drinks 2 bottles per day when I'm at work. She only drinks milk in them and drinks them and then is done. She's not carrying it around all day. What's the big deal? She drank water from a cup.

    I pump weaned at 14 months though because at that time my DD stopped drinking her bottle. She didn't want it anymore and was just playing with it and spilling it all over the place.

    There are lots of us who are pregnant AND breastfeeding
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    Default Re: We made it to one, but now I need some advice!

    I am only 6 months in but when people ask me when I am weaning I just say "eventually". Its very common for people to wean at 6 months where I live.
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    Default Re: We made it to one, but now I need some advice!

    I got a lot of people that asked me when I was going to put him on cows milk when my son turned 1. He is 15 months now. I responded by telling them that nutritionally cows milk is very inferior to breastmilk, I even mentioned the percentage of protein in cows milk compared to breastmilk, and that for my son I want the best nutrition possible.
    As far as the bottle thing, I told them that my milk was too precious, and I work too hard at pumping it, to put in a leaky sippy cup and be wasted.. and that he wouldn't be using a bottle THAT much longer so I didn't see why it was an issue. Then I told them that the reason you are supposed to get rid of the bottle has to do with orthodontics etc and that because most of the time I am actually breastfeeding him, which is better for his jaw developement, that won't be an issue with him.

    I also point out that the WHO recommends breastfeeding til 2 and so does the AAP pretty much.

    I try to say these things in a very nice, nonjudgemental, conversational way.. as a polite "BUTT OUT".

    I have friends who have pump weaned at a year. I have not personally, but that is my choice.. I still pump 3-4 times a day. But to me, i'm going to be taking a break to eat a snack anyways and I CAN eat while i'm pumping.. so I just go ahead and pump. Thats also my quiet time where I read the newspaper on my Kindle too.

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    Default Re: We made it to one, but now I need some advice!

    My son is one too, and i've been getting a lot of comments similar to yours. I really find it interesting why the heck it matters to anyone else, it baffles me. People get uncomfortable with breastfeeding beyond one. But that's their issue. Our issue is to provide the best possible nutrition to our children.

    It's a fact that breast milk is superior to any alternative, and people tend to get that that i'm close with. I struggle with why they think that ceases to be true magically at one year?! anway, i feel your pain. In my life, my Mom and DH are totally supportive of me leading the way and calling the shots (which seems natural ) but others are a little less understanding.

    It's one thing in my development as a mother/parent that is non-negotiable. i think this has helped me let the judgment/questioning of others go with a grain of salt. Really. I'm usually VERY sensitive to judgment and want to please people, especially loved ones. I've found that I actually don't care if they think it's weird or whatever.

    I'm working on the pump weaning question myself... on one hand, i'm totally thrilled to be finishing pumping, but on the other i'm worried about supply as well. I've never ever had an abundant supply and am worried that without the regular emptying of the milk i'll be jeopardizing my supply, mostly on weekends and days that we're together.... i'm still not convinced that my supply will regulate itself, no matter how many times i hear it!!

    As far as getting pregnant again, It's my understanding that if you're having regular periods, you're also ovulating, so nursing should not affect those chances.

    Good job making it to a year
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    Default Re: We made it to one, but now I need some advice!

    When my son turned one I started pump weaning which freed up time at work. However my son is three and still nurses, frankly I like what Lynn suggested, ignore or educate but don't get wrapped up in what others think of your decision, they are not the parent of your child and frankly it is non of their business.

    If you have regular periods you can get pregnant
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