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Thread: Milk vs. Solids

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    Default Milk vs. Solids

    My daughter is between eight and nine months old. I am having trouble finding a balance between the amount of solids and the amount of milk she should get in a day. For straight nursing she goes for about four hours between sessions and if she takes a bottle of expressed milk at school she takes 5 ounces.

    She really enjoys the solid food and would eat all the time if I let her. She especially enjoys eating what we are eating. Any suggestions on how to achieve the right balance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Milk vs. Solids

    I think it depends on whether her solids intake is making her cut back on how much milk she's drinking. Until she's one, she should be getting all the nutrients she needs from your milk--i.e., she doesn't need solids at all. So if you notice that solids are making her too full for breast milk, I would always offer the breast before any solids. If you still notice she isn't drinking as much as before, then maybe cut out one (solids) meal per day and see how that goes.

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