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Thread: My clever DS!--SNS help needed

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    Default My clever DS!--SNS help needed

    So I realized yesterday that my ds has been turning his head in toward me when we nurse with and without the sns because when he uses the sns the tube will be in the corner of his mouth making the milk come out easier. Anyone have this problem? I have noticed his latch getting weaker again and that is when I watched him nurse with the sns a nd realized that is why he has been turning his head. Today I have tried putting it on the underside of the breast and it seems to help but after the second time I saw he is turning his head to make the tube go in the corner of his mouth again.

    Please help!

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    Default Re: My clever DS!--SNS help needed

    This is why I could never successfully use the SNS. Either he sucked from it like a straw or it messed up his latch. I'm sorry I can't give any advice. Maybe you can see a LC? Seeing someone in person might be helpful.

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    Ditto the pp. I had my lc watch ds use the sns, and he was just drinking from a straw with it. We switched him to playtex ventaire wide bottles for his supplement and nursed him first and his latch go so much better.

    We are now exclusively nursing after lots of pumping and domperidone. Good luck!!

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