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Thread: Need advice about having a successful Babymoon!

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    Default Need advice about having a successful Babymoon!


    For those that don't know my story, I am a low supply mom who has had to supplement since day nine due to my ds becoming dehydrated. Anyhow, I have heard of doing a a babymoon--which my local LLLL suggested and I was looking for some more tips and success stories while I plan it.

    First, I have realized my supply has dipped yet again, yesterday I pumped 6 times and only got 2 1/2 ounces, which was what I was getting when I first rented the pump and ds was using the sns more like 4 times a day and the past week he has only been using it 1-2 times a day. So I know I am low--which may be due to ds sleeping through the night the past two weeks. He has started sucking his thumb. GRRR. Just when I am trying to build the supply. So this morning-when dh was getting ready for work I told him I would push the bed against the wall so ds could sleep that side of the bed. (I put him in bed with us all last night and dh wanted me to put him in the bassinet, which I refused-so dh ended up on the couch.) It was good for ds because he woke to bf three times-but dh was annoyed that either I was holding ds, or he was inbetween us all night. So to make us all happy, I will be stuck inbetween both of them until further notice.

    Anyway-I plan to start using the sns more frequently, increase pumping, co-sleep, etc. for the next three or four days to increase my supply, then have the babymoon. Also get the house/laundry in order and premake/freeze some meals.

    So should I schedule it when dh is home, or will it be better to do alone? I have heard both suggestions and I was wondering if anyone has had experience with/without your dh home and how it worked.

    Also, my LLLL said that if I really wanted reassurance dh is not getting dehydrated-to give him 1 teaspoon of water every two hours during the babymoon--has anyone tried this before?

    Another question--is it best to do the babymoon for 24 or 48 hours?

    Any suggestions or helpful websites are welcome.



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    Default Re: Need advice about having a successful Babymoon!

    Hi there,
    Lots of moms have found that taking the baby to bed and just nursing all of the time for a couple of days can be very helpful to supply.

    I think when you do it depends on your family. If dh would be supportive and helpful, then I would think that is the way to go!

    The longer the better-so definitely 48 hours!

    Good luck to you.

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