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Thread: Diaper rash???

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    We actually stopped using baby power on our daughter because it seems to promote rash.

    Once the rash cleared up for the last time we don't ever see rash like we did before.

    To clear the rash we rinsed her butt with water during diaper changes. We just put a towl under her and dripped warm water with a rag down the cracks, or if we had time we would run water over her butt over the tub.

    To prevent rash now we do a daily air-out during one diaper change. I usually fasten her to her changing table and take 15 or so minutes to clean up her room, put her clean laundry away etc, while she airs out. She loves it.
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    the docs said it could be from breastfeeding because there tends to be more frequent diaper changing... I am using Lansinoh now and this seems to comfort my daughter but hasn't cleared it up yet.. I switched diapers and wipes and am still experimenting..

    I am trying the fresh air thing but I will admit the messiness of it is testing me and my wallet since I have no laundry here

    Thanks for all the comments they are so helpful! What a wonderful thing this site! I am going to ask my doc next week about the rash since it hasn't gone yet maybe it is more than diaper rash?

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    I agree with a pp, you could ask the doc to treat it as yeast - you'll know right away if the treatment works! And if it doesn't, you'll know for sure it's not yeast and to keep trying other things. It's just a topical cream, like any other treatment for diaper rash, but it targets yeast specifically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*linzee78 View Post
    the docs said it could be from breastfeeding because there tends to be more frequent diaper changing
    That still doesn't make sense to me. I change my newborns every hour, and they don't get rashes like that other than the second baby, and that was probably not from the changes.

    I'd definitely pursue the yeast thing, and you can use OTC yeast creams.
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