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    I am a 1st time mother to a premature baby who is now 1 month old, her original term date was tomorrow (xmas day). Within the 1st couple of days she was with me in the hospital with me and I was nursing normally until they put her in neonatal room where I had to pump to give her my breast milk. Then I left the hospital and between the back and forth I got out of rhythm and have been struggling with low milk supply since. I never was able to pump more than 30ml(1oz) and now i am at 5-10 ml per pumping. the midwife instructed me to put her at my breast as much as possible which I do each time she eats but she is un-motivated, she fusses and sucks her hands while I try and breast feed, between pumping, supplementing and breastfeeding I am exhausted and I am tempted to take the easy way and formula all the way. I have been drinking minimum of 2 litres of fennel tea and eating as i did pretty much throughout the pregnancy. I find it hard to be diligent about anything since I feel I have very little time to get anything done. The most discouraging is that when she is feeding on the breast I can tell I am producing better, the other nipple leeks the breast get firmer, but many times and more recently she barely stays at the breast, which has been so far the bets for my production. I have tried everything except homeopathy and medication. the medela symphony I have seems to work less effectively than hand pressing. Is there something wrong? It seems like so many things are working against giving this baby breast milk. Now she is showing signs of constipation prob from the formula. I am lost...

    Any advice.
    warm holidays wishes.

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    I just want to encourage you to try a little longer. I have heard from other ladies that there babies changed once they hit their due date. I dont know if you baby is home yet but if you are, I advise you to stop worrying about getting anything else done. When my son was little, I would set myself up on the couch with snacks, the laptop, water, and the remote and spend the whole day nursing. You could also set yourself up in bed. Lots of skin to skin contact is great so, go shirtless and strip your baby down to a diaper (you can wrap the babe in a blanket between feeds if you feel it is too cold.) Then you should just dedicate a few days to just focus on the babe. Then you can ask for help from family or friends to get chores done.
    Also, my son spent the first two weeks in the nicu and recieved bottles. Once I got him home, I was able to get him back to the breast with a little hardwork and determination.
    Any amount of breastmilk is beneficial to your babe. You can do this!
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    Welcome and congratulations on the new baby! Sorry you've had such a hard time with her. But there's still a lot of hope for getting breastfeeding back on track. I've heard that many preterm babies don't really start to get the hang of breastfeeding until around their original due date- up to that point they may be too small or tired to really get the job done.

    Okay, regarding low supply, here are some useful links:

    And here are some on feeding the baby as you try to get your supply up:
    http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html (In particular, the more skin-to-skin contact you can do, the better!)

    How often are you pumping?

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