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    For a while now, my LO (now 6.5 months old) has done better w/ the bottle. With me during the day, she tends to get very uncomfortable, very gassy, and needs lots of burps. She's pretty happy in general but I wonder if I have a forceful let down or oversupply issue. She seems to be getting enough hindmilk based on poop color. For a while I thought she had reflux until I saw how much better she did w/ the bottle. Thankfully, she still wants to nurse but it's been a difficult process.

    What do others think?

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    I am not sure about the oversupply, but forceful letdown is easy to identify. Do you feel the let-down strongly, even after months of nursing? Does your baby sputter or choke while nursing? If you pull your nipple out of baby's mouth during let-down, does the milk literally spray across the room? If so, then you may have forceful let-down.

    Also, if your baby does better with the bottle, I say go for it. They are still getting all the advantages of breastmilk, just packaged differently.

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