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Thread: Won't open mouth wide anymore!

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    Default Won't open mouth wide anymore!

    My LO is 9 weeks old and breastfeeding is going really well. At about 3-4 weeks we started getting the latch perfect - she was even getting bottles a few times a week. She is now been getting a bottle at least once a day to keep her used to it for when I go back to work. I noticed an OALD around 6-7 weeks or so, and she loves it (I dont think I have a bad OS with it). The problem is, since my let down is fast, and she loves it so much, whenever my milk would let down, I would try and hurry her latch - so it wasnt always the best. So for the last couple of weeks, she starts her latch really shallow. She'll sometimes adjust and get a deeper latch in the middle, but it just seems overall sloppy. For the last couple of days I've been trying to go back to the basics of getting her to latch better. The problem is, she will not open her mouth wide like she used to.

    I think some of the problem is the bottles, because when others give her the bottle, I dont think they are making her open really wide like I asked them to (I've been a way from her a couple of hours here and there so I cant observe). I've decided not to give her a bottle for a few days until we can get the latch better again - but how in the heck do I get her to open her mouth wide again? She'll open, but not wide like a yawn. I've tried tickeling her lip from the top to the bottom - and even tried gently drawing her jaw down with my finger - but no luck. She ends up screaming - and at that point, her mouth is open wide so I give in and go ahead and feed her - . Should I just let her scream it out and then wait for her to open wide?? Any advice?
    I'm a proud first time mommy , born 10/19/2010 and a wife to an amazing husband

    Birth 10/19/2010: 7lbs 3oz
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    4 weeks old 11/17: 7lbs 15oz
    8 weeks old 12/15: 10lbs
    4 months old 2/28: 14lbs

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    Default Re: Won't open mouth wide anymore!

    My son doesn't open wide either, he just slurps it up most of the time Is it causeing you pain? Because I was thinkin she might be doing that because of your OALD. She has learned to squeeze the nipple shut until the flow slows then she repositions herself, just a thought.

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    Default Re: Won't open mouth wide anymore!

    The most important question is, how does the latch feel? Is it uncomfortable for you while she's nursing? Do you have any soreness between feedings?

    It's only a problem if it's a problem (if that makes any sense!).

    Neither of my babies ever once opened their mouth wide like a yawn. I actually thought it was a myth.

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