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Thread: Stringy/Mucos looking milk???

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    Cool Stringy/Mucos looking milk???

    Hi mamas!
    My son will be 3 weeks tomorrow. I have been BFing him with a shield due to flat nipples. I am in the process of weaning him off.

    I had thrush last week and was given nystatin for me and him. I was also given one diflucan pill for the pain in my left breast. Yesterday I noticed when he pulled off my breast a "stringy" looking mucos. Is this from the thrush??

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    never had thrush before, but I was thinking maybe it was just his saliva mixing with the milk casuing it to be thicker and look stringy?
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    I've never heard of stringy milk being a symptom of thrush, but it's actually a pretty common occurrence with breastfeeding in general. A lot of moms expect that their milk will look like the milk they get from the store- but milk from the cow has been filtered, pasteurized, and homogenized before it gets to the shelf. Milk straight from the cow often has strings or clumps in it (also cow hair ).

    Strings/clumps/mucus can be a symptom of plugged ducts or mastitis, or it can be normal. And, as the PP said, baby's saliva mixing with the milk can make it look a little funny.

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