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Thread: Ugh DH hurt my feelings a lil

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    I'm one to say "you leave if it bothers you" BUT...there's always a but...If there was a certain person that had a staring problem it would make me uncomfortable and I would go somewhere else. I'm lucky in the fact that DH supports me wholeheartedly and would tell Uncle Ike to go home if he couldn't stop staring at LO's ni-ni's.

    I wouldn't debate it with your DH though. I would just do what I was going to do and smile about it. Who knows...he may not have a problem when the time comes and he sure isn't going to say "I told you I didn't want you to nurse in front of people" while your company is there. KWIM? If he is too embarrased for you to nurse in front of people he will be more embarrased to admit he asked you to hide nursing.

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    Smile Re: Ugh DH hurt my feelings a lil

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommal View Post
    Well said!

    But in general: your house, your breasts, your rules!
    Ditto this!
    Its not like you're nursing a 9 year old


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    I eneded up just taking LO to her room to nurse since it was quieter. I would have anyway since his aunt uncle and cousin and family were there and I am not as comfortable around them cause I don't see them as often. He assumes I will be stopping soon but I'm not sure why. I would LOVE her to night wean but he doesn't think that him getting up will help her wean so that isn't going to happen too soon unless she does it on her own. I think it's because she is 15 months however she is NOT READY and I'm not going to push her unless absolutely necessary. If we are at home he doesn't say anything I think his momma is prolly askin and she's not the only one cause my dad has been askin me too: I told my dad I wanted to at least get her through flu season and go from there. THANK YOU LADIES!!!
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    All good suggestions! My DH said something similar a while back and I haven't given it a second thought. I KNOW that I know more about it than he does, and I don't plan to altar my every day life so he can save face with his family/friends. They all aren't around every day when it comes to nap time, teething, etc.
    He's only 16.5 months, and I still like to nurse first thing in the morning, afternoon nap, somewhere thereafter, and before bed. Three to four times a day isn't really that much in comparison with a newborn. If ppl don't like it maybe they should just not nurse toddlers, and mind their own business when it comes to other ppl's kids. At 16.5 months he still has days where he doesn't like to eat solids, whether it be because he is teething, sick or whatever, and on those days I am so grateful I can still provide some great nutrition!

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    My husband used to be so weird about me nursing in front of ANYONE. Honestly, I had to crack a whip. And I had to set up an instance where I had to nurse in public with no options to go anywhere else. I tried to stay nice about it, but the firm words worked. But I did keep his feelings in my mind. I tried to be as discreet at possible without making the feed difficult for baby and me. Afterwards, I asked him questions about what he noticed during the feed. I asked only questions that prompted positive answers so he could see that it's not what he thinks.

    Nowadays, he'll tell me later any unusual reactions other people have and laugh about them with me...

    So, yes, my feelings would be hurt, and DH should just get over it, but it was so much smoother to gently ease him into my comfort zone. Good luck!

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