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Thread: BLS - are blackberries safe?

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    Default BLS - are blackberries safe?

    Hi again -

    We're a ways into BLS now, after dealing with the apple choking incident (yes, that was me ). So things are going well (she LOVES it and will not accept food that I feed her - she has to do it herself), but I'm still nervous about what I'm giving her. Can you experienced BLSers share whether you think blackberries might be safe for DD to try? She's nearly 7 months now. I'm trying to follow a food intro schedule that my naturopath gave me as it has some great reasons for introducing foods at certain times and blackberries is listed as a 6 month food. They are fairly soft, but I'm still uncertain. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: BLS - are blackberries safe?

    I would do them. But I'd probably cut them somewhat so that they aren't so big and rounded.
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