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    My son is 3 wks old, he's my first and only likes to feed from my left breast. I have tried my right breast lots of times but he's not interested. Now my left breast is noticeably bigger than my right. How can I keep my milk supply up in the right breast until I cn gt him to accept it? Would expressing work?
    I have a manual breast pump, how often should I use and when?
    I have tried my pump, it's a tommy tippee closer to nature one. I can't understand how the milk gets thru to the bottle, it keeps getting stuck above the spongey filter thing? Any ideas why?
    Thanks. Tess. X

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    Some babies are pretty stubborn about preferring one side versus the other. Sometimes mom is the root of the problem...we think we are holding them the same way, but because one side is perhaps more comfortable for us, it feels different to baby and they are less comfortable. So looking at your hold and trying different ones (football versus cradle, for example, or cross cradle) might help him even things out naturally.

    Also, it is possible to have something like overactive letdown or a slow letdown on the preferred side as compared to the other side and baby prefers it like that and so refuses the other side. There's nothing much you can do about that sort of preference other than to start the milk going and waiting to put him to that breast when the flow is how he likes it, if that makes sense.

    It's also natural to some extent. My first two babies preferred my left side, which produces tons of milk and has a severe OALD -- all they had to do was hold their mouths open and catch milk -- but my third preferred the right which doesn't produce quite as much milk secondary to two lumpectomies as a young adult and doesn't have as bad an OALD.

    But, while you work on it -- and honestly, some babies just prefer one side and won't change it up even with a lot of work -- pump and express the opposite side.

    I've never heard of that particular pump so I can't help you with that.

    I personally would pump or hand express at the same time as (some mamas latch baby on and pump to take advantage of the natural letdown) or just after every feeding to stimulate milk production on the less nursed side to try to keep them somewhat even in size and production levels. At a minimum, you may wish to pump that side every 2-3 hours around the clock to keep things even if that's the ultimate goal, depending on your production levels and how unbalanced you are. I'm sure there are other mothers here who have BTDT, so they might have a better idea about how to stay even.
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