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Thread: Doctor is pushing formula for poor weight gain

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    Regarding a scale....I've seen them online for not a too terrible price. I'm not sure how sensitive they are (i.e., if they can measure teeny little amounts or not). Regarding accuracy, IME it wouldn't matter that much in your situation. All you would want to do is check to see what the difference is before and after feeding.

    Some places, like birth centers or lactation centers, will let you come in, weigh baby, feed baby, then reweigh again to measure transfer of milk.

    Another way I've been thinking about a scale -- I'd like to have one on hand for my next baby, as there is potential for him to have severe problems feeding depending on the severity of his cleft -- is to perhaps get a fish scale or spring type scale. You'd have to make a fairly strong "sling" to put baby in to attach to the scale, since he's bigger than the typical newborn, but it would be reasonably priced, kwim. I've been looking at Bass Pro Shops, but any fishing store might have one. I saw instructions for this on www.gentlebirth.org.

    I dunno. Just throwing that out there if you really wanted to pursue how much he's taking at each feeding.

    You could try feeding so he gets mostly hindmilk, but honestly, he sounds like he's doing well and certainly not starving. He wouldn't be sleeping well if he was starving, and his diapers wouldn't be wet and soiled so much.
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    Default Re: Doctor is pushing formula for poor weight gain

    My baby started off the same weight as yours but by the end of 1st month he was in the 25%. He was having enough wet diapers, though possibly not as full. It was determined i wasnt producing enough milk bc my DS would fall asleep every time at the breast. By the beginning of the 3rd month he was in the 3% but he was meeting milestones too. My LC was worried and said the reason why most doctors worry is because of brain development. So my LC told me to use an SNS (supplemental nursing system) and if i could find someone who'd donate their BM to me so i could supplement my DS with that. Plus, i was told to pump between feedings. This has has helped tremendously. My DS is 5 mo, weighs 14lbs, measures almost 25 in and is the 10-15%. Still small in weight but tall compared to most babies, but we're doing good. Though pumping is a pain, i'm glad bc i'm seeing a change in my milk. Dont know if this helps you any, just thought i'd share.
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    I'm so happy to report that my once little boy is finally gaining weight --- with no formula!!!! I saw an IBCLC, started taking More Milk Plus and my boy went from 13 lbs 15oz to 14lbs 7oz in ten days!!! I am feeding him 1-2 times in the night and giving him a bit of solids to get him going. I will say that I havent seen much difference in the amount of pumped milk, but I must have more milk available for him to gain like he has. Thank you all for you comments and support!

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    my first baby was very petite and she looked like she was dropping through the centiles, and ended up on the 0.2 centile (i.e. below the chart) but when I plotted her weights on the WHO breastfed babies chart, she was pretty much on the 9th centile throughout... above it at times, below it at other times, but not dropping through any centiles. formula fed babies gain weight more slowly to begin with and then more rapidly later on, breastfed babies gain weight very rapidly in the early days then it slows down after about 3 months. try plotting his weights on the WHO chart and show that to your doctor. thankfully with my first I went to a health visitor clinic with hv's who were trained in breastfeeding so they told me all this when my baby looked like she was dropping through the centiles. Later on I plotted her weights on the WHO chart after I found it on the internet. For my second baby, i've only got the WHO chart and I keep a record of her weight on it myself, and take it to every doctors appointment in case they ever try to claim she's not gaining weight "correctly" --- some doctors don't realise that there's a significant difference between how breast and formula fed babies gain weight and that lighter breastfed babies can drop through the centiles on the formula fed baby charts when there's nothing wrong with them or their weight gain at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aprilsmagic View Post
    This is exactly my take after reading what you posted here. You just have a baby who isn't a heavy baby. He has almost doubled his birth weight, which is what they are supposed to do by 6ish months.

    How does your baby compare to the breastfed baby charts? http://www.suite101.com/content/grow...-babies-a65356 and click for the PDF file that applies to your child. It might not be as bad as your doctor thinks!

    All of my babies stopped growing so insanely fast after 5-6 months. They are active and just burning it all off. One of them actually dropped off the charts by like 25%, but our doc just said, we'll recheck at his next checkup (like at 9 months) and see what he's done by then before worrying about it. He had gained a whole 2 oz by 9 months but had obviously gotten longer and was doing well otherwise, so she was satisfied.

    And you are right. Solids can actually SLOW weight gain. They can help some kids who aren't nursing enough to take in the right amounts of calories -- like a super distractible nurser (IF you can get them to eat) -- but most of the commonly recommended foods don't have enough calories, fill the baby up and then he won't nurse. Avocado is a good first choice as it has a lot of fat in it, but a couple of my babies didn't like it and spat it out. Don't be frustrated -- it can take up to 10-15 exposures to a food before they will eat it.
    agree with all of this. and three-4 ounces is a great output for pumping. You're doing great! I have a big baby, but he slowed down significantly at six months. I think he's only gained about a pound or two from six months to a year.

    You should also be prepared for it to potentially slow even more as he starts crawling and being even more mobile. But 12x a day with plenty of wet dipes, you're right in thinking you've just got a peanut, IMO. Everything you're talking about: meeting milestones, wet diapers, happy/content.

    If you're up for cosleeping and it works for you as you said, I would give it a try... lots of Mamas here cosleep and find it way more relaxing than getting up multiple times to nurse.

    I'd say keep doing what you're doing.

    I did take fenugreek (which is one of the herbs in MMP) - i found the key for it working well to increase supply is to make sure you're emptying your breasts regulary and frequently (as you're doing!) and it would work in a couple of days. But... it doesn't even sound like it's really necessary for you to be boosting your supply, but i know it gives peace of mind when you know you're making plenty of milk.

    ETA: oops, just saw your update!!! That's awesome Mama, keep pup the good work!
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    Default Re: Doctor is pushing formula for poor weight gain

    It sounds like you have some VERY good advice here!
    I think the weight gain thing is a little faulty--other things should be taken into consideration, and from what you said, your baby seems happy and thriving. Maybe its just a slow period! I don't know enough to really offer any advice but I'll be thinking of you!
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    I am sorry your doc is pushing formula. I waited till my son was 6 months till we solids. We just do a little here and there. I feed on demand only. You can see his weight as my signature. My doctor doesnt say anything about it. My doc just calls him the scrawny one. He will grow in due time. As long as they are happy and healthy with milestones being met then they are fine.
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