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Thread: Help! Not sure what to do!

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    Question Help! Not sure what to do!


    I am a new mom. My baby boy was born Monday night. He latch ok and was breast feeding exclusively for the first three days. Even though by the third day, it was a little harder to get him to latch on. On thursday he was very tired and yellow. We went to the pediatrician and his bilirubin was high. So he was started on the bili light, and I was told to make sure he ate at least 2oz every 2 hrs so he could have enough bowel movements to clear the bilirubin. So I added formula. And then he wouldn't take the breast. By thursday night, I noticed my breast were hard around the edges. (I bought a pump Lansinoh, because I have to go back to work in a month) So I decided to pump and see if it help. I only got 1oz of colostrum after 30min of pumping.
    So I have two problems:
    1) My breast are very very large and harder now, and I am pumping every 3hrs for 15min and I am only getting colustrum about 1oz after two pumps (30min).
    2) My baby won't latch anymore. He is better now, less yellow, more awake. And I keep trying, before each feeding. He will keep the nipple/areola in his mouth for some time, but won't suck. Or he will suck for less than 1min and then let go, and cry. So we keep trying!
    Any suggestions would really be appreciated! I am more worry about my breast being so large, without milk production.

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    Its not that you dont have milk, it is that the pump does NOT do the job your baby does. The pump does some work, but you really need your baby to latch in order to get that lump down. That lump is pretty much backed up milk. You are producing more than your baby is intaking (and the times you gave formula and he didnt take milk backed you up even more). You need to latch and re-latch as many times as you need in order for this to go away. At first, my boobs looked like I had gotten a horrible boob job! They were huge and would take the shape of my sports bra!!! But after about the first week this became better, I would only wake up engorged in the am. Keep trying to latch your baby and pump as much as you feel you have to until you feel some relief. I would only pump about 3 oz at first and now I pump 50+ oz a day!!!
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    This link may be useful in helping you get your baby back to nursing: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html

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    Welcome and Congrats on your new baby!!

    The link mommal sent should really help. Just keep at it - you may have some pretty frustrating times but it will get easier and easier.

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