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Thread: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

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    Unhappy No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    My daughter is 2 weeks old today. She has been doing great with breastfeeding. She did have a growth spurt already that lasted 3 days.

    Now, I have a new issue. She was doing great all day; nursing every 2-3 hours. At 6pm, she decided that she was outrageously hungry, and has been nursing back and forth on my breasts for 3 hours now. She's produced 3 dirty diapers during the 3 hour period and her diaper changes are the only times that she has stopped nursing. She then would get so frustrated and scream like she hadn't ate in days. I have no milk left after the 3 hours of nursing, and she's still wanting more. It's almost like she's using me as a pacifier because nursing is the only thing that will calm her down, even if she's not actively nursing. I tried to give her a pacifier, but she won't take it. It actually just makes her more upset. I've resorted to putting her to bed crying rather than already asleep like we usually do. Usually I can nurse her and rock her to sleep, but not tonight.

    I feel helpless and I feel awful that I can't help her.

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    Default Re: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    Growth spurts are hard You are always making milk even as its being removed so your breasts as never truly "empty" That being said I was in your shoes when I first turned to this website I thought I'd run out of milk and my ds was crying and hungry. My breasts were sore and I was so exhausted. Formula looked so tempting but I wasn't ready to give up. I read that oatmeal helps boost your supply so I ran to the kitchen and made a big bowl. I HATE oatmeal but I chowed down like it was my last meal. It worked. Within minutes my breasts were tingling. I tried feeding my son again and he finally calmed down. I calmed down. All was good in our little world again. So, eat your oats, drink plenty of water, learn to nurse lying down so you can get some rest. This too shall pass.
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    Default Re: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    That is exactly what my daughter does every night at about the same time 6-8pm she eats and emptys my breast then want to keep eatting for 3-5 hours straight but she gets mad because the flow is not good because they are not full so she thrases her head around and grunts let's go and crys I try several times to relatch her and the last 2 night I am so up set i had to give her a few oz of breast milk from a bottel for the 1st time in 3 weeks! I hope it works out I am so tierd of stressing about my supply! I wish you luck!

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    Default Re: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    Marathon nursing sessions like that may empty out your breasts temporarily, but like faith511518 said, your breasts are always making milk and there's always some there.

    What your baby is doing by nursing that way is sending a signal to your body to increase the amount of milk it's producing. Nursing on a seemingly empty breast is actually the best way there is to increase milk supply.

    And I don't know if it helps, but what you're describing is completely normal. Countless moms throughout history have spent their evenings in the exact same way.

    If nursing calms her down, even if she's not getting much milk, is there any reason why you can't just let her keep going? There's certainly nothing wrong with it if it's comfortable for you. My suggestion would be to put on an old movie, put your feet up and relax, cuddle your baby and just let her nurse. Alternatively, if you can nurse lying down, set up a safe place where you can snuggle up with your baby and doze off while she nurses.

    She's really not using you as a pacifier. A pacifier is a mother-substitute, a mother is not a pacifier-substitute. You're the real thing and she knows it. She wants to be close to you.
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    Default Re: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    This is cluster feeding and totally exhausting but normal, especially for that time of day. Your breast are never truly empty so don't worry about that, it's just a time where baby gets mad at the slower flow and is crabby anyway. It actually great to put baby to the breast at this time cuz it signals your body to step up production.
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    Default Re: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    awe 2 weeks is so young.. you guys will figure out how to help baby over time. sometimes they just have to cry and thats how they settle down.
    hope today goes much beter for you.

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    Default Re: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    That's right, your breasts aren't empty, they're being stimulated to make more milk as LO is growing.


    Breasts are like a tap constantly running at low speed, after being thoroughly drained milk production will actually happen faster.

    Like the PP said, you're not being 'used as a pacifier' LO wants to be with you and you're the real thing, a pacifier is a mother-nipple substitute.
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    Default Re: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    I remember DREADING between 6pm and 11pm when DS2 was a newborn, all he did was cry and nurse. I would hand him off to DH for a bit or try to wear him and walk around with him to give my poor nipples a break when I needed it. It was a rough time, but completely normal for newborns and it did stop after a handful of weeks.

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    Default Re: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    Yup. That three hour period was awful. One of them just screamed and cried and thrashed and was inconsolable for the whole time and the other nursed non-stop for the same period. Both are awful. Both are normal and both go away. Eventually. Feels like it never will though. I word my second baby in a moby pretty much all day and it made those marathon nursing sessions easier on me. But I remember every minute. to you
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    Default Re: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    The Witching Hour. It's called that for a reason. Been there. It gets better.

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