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Thread: Need to stop supply on one side

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    Default Need to stop supply on one side

    I have been nursing on one side only for the last month or so. It's a long story as to why, and I won't be talked out of it now as it has made our nursing relationship sustainable, if not always enjoyable. Anyway, the problem is that I've been unable to stop milk production in the left breast, or even really slow production. I do not express milk from it, rather it empties itself. Every time I have a let down on the right, my left breast lets down, too. And, of course, it then fills up again. I can manage this at home during the day- stuffing rags in my bra, letting it flow into a bottle- but it makes it impossible to nurse confidently in public or side-lying at night. And I go through bra pads like there's no tomorrow!

    I know the breasts work independently to a certain extent, so I should be able to at least reduce supply in one side, right? Would using cabbage leaves on only the one breast reduce supply on only that side? I'm concerned about trying unless I know for certain because I absolutely cannot reduce supply on the right, not having another breast to fall back on. Are there other ways I can do this? I'm okay with dealing with a little leakage, but I absolutely GUSH extra milk. (Trying to think of the extra milk as a blessing doesn't really help.)

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: Need to stop supply on one side

    I have no experience and I know this doesn't really help but have you thought about using a milkie on the other side until you get it dealt with. You could at least work on a freezer stash.
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