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Thread: comfort nursing ???

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    Default comfort nursing ???

    Okay be prepared for some rambling - sorry in advance...

    - I am having trouble getting my head around this idea. I think my DS would love to do more comfort nursing during the day (as I do not use a paci except for nighttime) but he's not fussy or anything, he just acts like a nip every now and then would make him happy... so heres my issue.

    The minute he latches I have a letdown!

    now his eating schedule is as follows: on demand!!
    LOL ~ j/k ~ kinda. he nurses about every 1-1.5 hours...1 side per feeding. This schedule is left over from a block feeding sched. to combat oversupply & OALD. if I feed him any sooner than what he wants or he eats just a bit more than he "should" his spitting up is bad. ..shoots out of his nose and everything. this happens about 2 x's every 2nd day or so... If we do a "normal" nursing session the spitting up is almost totally gone.

    okay so - let me try to ask a question here:

    How can I comfort nurse?
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    Default Re: comfort nursing ???

    Perhaps you can try "comfort" nursing on the same side he just ate on? My DD used to spit up alot too, as my let down can be something fierce sometimes, causing her to over eat I assume However the older she is getting I've noticed the comfort nursing has almost stopped and been replaced by play, as long as I'm sitting there watching and playing too of course

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    Default Re: comfort nursing ???

    I have the same issue with my 8 month old. She's a big comfort nurser- and I have letdown everytime. The thing is, she'll only drink for a few minutes if all she wants is comfort. When she's hungry, nothing can distract her!!! I really don't have any advice-just nurse when they need it or simply want it!!!

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