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Thread: pumping and bruised nipples?

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    Default pumping and bruised nipples?

    I recently started back to work and have been pumping quite a bit (I work 12hr over nights and DD is @ day care during the day while I sleep). I have 27mm shields and I'm wondering if they might be too small. I read the nipple shouldnt rub the inside of the tunnel and mine does a little. Also, I start on the lowest setting and gradually work my way to the highest setting during my pumping session. I do experience discomfort @ the beginning I believe d/tmy nipples being sore. But I wait until the discomfort is gone b4 I increase the suction. My nipples are kinda purple :/ any advice would be much appreciated

    This is the 3rd child I have used this pump with (Medela Lactina) and I haven't previously experienced problems with bruising, even on thr highest setting

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    Default Re: pumping and bruised nipples?

    I agree your shields sound too small. Do you have any where you could try larger ones? I think I used 30 on one side and 33 the other (flatter) side.

    purple nipples are not normal and really pumping shouldn't hurt.
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    Default Re: pumping and bruised nipples?

    Mine have looked sorta bruised too - kinda purple at the ends. It doesnt really hurt so I figured it was just the pump drawing the blood to the ends of my nipples ??
    I too am getting a bigger flange though cuz my nipples touch the sides too - so maybe that will stop the color change.
    I always only pump on the lowest setting though cuz the higher settings are uncomfortable for me. I do breat compressions while I pump to get more out and I do fine with the lower setting
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