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Thread: Should I/ Can I relactate? Please help!!!

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    Default Re: Should I/ Can I relactate? Please help!!!

    We used an SNS - which is the same thing as a lactaid. I bought the "one time" use one at a store for 18 and took really really good care of it/sterilizing it. etc. It really works! We went on to nurse for 2.5more years
    Jaxon (07/13/08) weaned at 27 months
    Alexa and Braxton (11/18/10). My NICU miracles.


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    Default Re: Should I/ Can I relactate? Please help!!!

    I just spent an hour writing a post and the system lost it! I am an adoptive mom of six and spent a total of about ten years nursing. I have also been involved in helping many other moms. Induced lactation and relactating for a bio child who is still an infant are similar, except the relactating mom can usually build a milk supply faster. Where you are still producing a little bit, and your baby is willing to latch on and suck, I am sure you can do it!

    I understand the feeling of being obsessed with wanting to breastfeed your baby. That is how I was. What have you done in the past week? I was thinking that this time of year may not be the best to go all out on this, but the busiest time will be over soon. It would be nice is your older kids could help you out more.

    I think nursing with the Lact-Aid is the easiest way to get a milk supply going. If you get an SNS, that is OK. Most moms who have to use a supplementer on a regular basis for quite a while prefer the Lact-Aid. Just order it off of their site www.lact-aid.com The Lact-Aid is the original nursing supplementer and has been around for over 40 years now. I will be forever grateful, because I wouldn't have been able to nurse my kids without it. If you get an SNS, I suggest using the smallest tubing. The larger ones don't require the baby to suck very hard, so they are really best for when a baby has a weak suck or something like that.

    Domperidone is very helpful, in most cases, but it wasn't available to me when I was nursing my kids, so it certainly isn't essential. There are lots of herbs. The one I used the most of was fenugreek. I have a hard time swallowing capsules, so I made tea from the seeds. Oatmeal is helpful with milk production, too. Another trick is to pump the other breast while the baby is nursing. That was the only way I could ever pump more than a dribble. With the hands-free bras that they have now, you can even have both of your hands free.

    Also, you don't have to produce all of the milk he needs in order to be beneficial, to both you and him. Go ahead and try whatever you want to, but don't put too much pressure on yourself because that can work against you.

    Best wishes to you!


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    Default Re: Should I/ Can I relactate? Please help!!!

    Regarding OP's statement: "By then, I had researched soy formula, and was very upset about how dangerous it is."

    Please let me in on what you found out? My pediatrician told me that soy was perfectly safe. My son has been eating it for 2 months.

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