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    I am curious...has anyone experienced headaches when taking Yasmin?

    I could not figure out if my headache (the kind where you can not even think) was from the Yasmin (day 2) or the end of my monthly cycle. I typically get a headache before and after my cycle but this headache was really bad.

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    I used to always get a headache in the first 3-5 days of pills when I was on Yasmin. Happened almost every single month, I took it for 4 years. Definitely a possibility for you!

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    My sister had horrible side effects from Yasmin: headaches, depression, fatigue. There are several lawsuits against the company from what I understand.
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    Are you taking Yasmin along with domperidone? Domperidone can cause headaches, too. If you are preparing to nurse an adopted baby, I hope you know that taking medications is optional. I worry, because I run into so many adoptive moms who think there is no other way besides taking medications. The medications can help increase milk production, but the most important thing to do is get the baby suckling the breast, using the Lact-Aid or SNS (preferably Lact-Aid) to provide supplement at the breast. Even with moms who have not pumped or done any breast preparation before the baby's arrival will usually have drops of milk after somewhere between three days and two weeks of suckling. Most who stick with it go on to produce somewhere around half of the milk their babies need, before they start solids. You can also skip the Yasmin and just start taking domperidone, alone, pumping before the baby arrives and then nursing the baby, using the Lact-Aid to provide supplement as needed. If I'd had a way to get it while I was nursing my kids, I would have tried domperidone.


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    Darilyn, what an awesome and empowering reply!!! I'm filing this away in my mental filing cabinet to encourage all mamas that the milk is there, and especially those mothers blessed with babies with very special arrivals.
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