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Thread: dminishing milk supply; new mom with 2week old infant

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    Default dminishing milk supply; new mom with 2week old infant

    Hi. I'm a new mom to a two week old infant. DD was born at 37 weeks and successfully started breastfeeding with use of a breast shield (small nipples and poor latch). I did start pumping with Medela Symphony pump to encourage milk production. Last week, I felt my milk come in and had swollen, full feeling breasts with each feed/pump and was getting 3-4 oz every pump. DD was intermittently feeding prior to pumping; she latches well on right, less-so on left; nurses well for 5-6 minutes one side only and then falls asleep. I have tried multiple things to wake her up and start again, but she is usually just too sleepy. She would then sleep 20 minutes and then take what I had expressed. She is growing well, plenty of pees and poops. Over the course of this week, however, my breasts do not ever feel full like they did, I have yet to experience the "let-down" sensations I have read about, and now my milk gathering is 2-3 oz at best. I'm not sure what happened. I eat, drink, and get as much sleep as possible with an infant. She eats every 2.5-3 hours and I pump every 3 during the day and 4ish at night. I increased my time of pumping from 10 to 15 minutes. Is this normal for this time based on the demand DD has for milk or is my supply diminishing. Lactation consultant says to try a special needs feeder to stimulate her nursing vigor; I'm picking it up tomorrow. I'm so saddened to think I can't breastfeed. Did anyone else have this experience? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: dminishing milk supply; new mom with 2week old infant

    Welcome and congratulations on the new baby!

    What you describe sounds pretty normal. When you feel swollen and full, you're generally making too much milk. 3-4 oz with every pump is actually a lot of milk. 2-3 oz/pump is quite normal. Not experiencing letdown is totally normal. Many moms never experience letdown (I never felt it with my first, and felt it only in the beginning with my second, when I had significant oversupply).

    So, what should you do? Here's what I suggest:
    1. Ditch the shield if possible- it can inhibit milk transfer and lead to decreased supply.
    2. Instead of supplementing via bottle, either use the special-needs feeder (You'll reduce the likelihood of bottle preference) or just stop supplementing (Just put the baby back on the breast when she wakes 20 minutes after nursing and watch diaper output. If diaper output continues to be normal, then so is milk intake.)

    Hang in there! You can do this, you are doing it. Breastfeeding is like a dance where neither partner knows the steps. At first it's clumsy and difficult, but if you persevere you'll master it!

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    Default Re: dminishing milk supply; new mom with 2week old infant

    This is such a skill set to be learned. Reading books and classes just aren't enough to actually prepare you for the nuances.

    We have been half successful with ditching the nipple shield. DD has continued side preference and will do just fine without on one, but not on the other. I will keep trying her without. We just now hit our due date, so maybe her technique will refine soon.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I(we) really appreciate it!

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