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Thread: How much solids after 1 year?

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    Default How much solids after 1 year?

    I asked this question in a previous post but that had a slightly different question. I know breastmilk should be the main part of the baby's diet until the 1 year mark. My ds doesn't eat much solids yet, but will be a year old in a couple weeks, when I am also starting work fulltime. He has started showing signs of readiness for solids, but doesn't eat so much since I offer them to him right after he nurses. So how should I change things in a couple weeks when I go back to work (my mother-in-law will be watching him during the day)? Is one year a magic date when he starts solids before breastmilk? How many times a day should I be pumping to keep my supply up? What kinds of solids and how many times should he get? I know these seem to be a lot of questions, but I am a bit confused and trying to figure things out. Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    My personal advice would be to start getting him used to eating more solids before you go back to work. Perhaps for three times a day (like lunch, dinner, and a snack) you could offer him the solids first and then nurse. 1 isn't a magic number, although it's true that his body is starting to require more than just breastmilk. You don't have to stop nursing any less, but perhaps offer the solids first sometimes. You can keep the foods simple like avocado, banana carrots etc. Really at this age he can probably eat almost whatever the family is eating. My daugther loved soups like chicken noodle and butternut squash at that age! As far as pumping, I would pump as if you are nursing him. If that's every three hours, then pump every three hours. Are you planning on leaving stored breastmilk for him to drink while you are at work? Sorry I don't have more advice! Good luck!

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