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Thread: How often does your toddler nurse?

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    My son is 37 months, and now only nurses down to sleep for naps and nights (except for special occasions like his birthday or when he's sick - then he gets more). I think he nursed every hour or so, though, until he was about 2.5, which was when I started cutting back to before and after sleeps. Then about 2.75 years was when I cut back to just going-to-sleep times. I was feeling really touched out, and was afraid I might need to wean him entirely if I didn't start setting limits. So now we're at a good level. I think we can keep this up for a long time. Hopefully until he is ready to let it go on his own.

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    Ben is 17 months and nurses like 6-7 times daily. Some days though its only 4, somedays its 10. Just depends on him!
    Somedays he refuses to eat solids and those are the days he eats more frequently..

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    My daughter just turned 2. She had completly self weaned by 18 months, then around christmas, got the flu and wanted to nurse again. Now she only seems to want to nurse if she is sick, or hurt, or scared. its just a comfort thing for her. Some days she will seem to nurse all day, then she may go weeks without even thinking about it. On average though I would say she nurses for about 5 minutes 3 or 4 days a week.

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    DS only nurses once a day.. Just before bed..
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    Five million times a day. Yep, that's an exact figure.

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