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    Has anyone used/heard of this herb to increase your supply? I beginning to get desperate to increase my supply as I've had low supply since LO was born and I've taken More Milk Plus, fenugreek, Mother's Milk tea, and I've been taking Domperidone for over a month now with no increase (at least not that I've seen in my pumping output- 2 ounces total when I pump at work and I sometimes have to follow-up with a bottle of formula even after LO BF's).

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    Nope but it doesnt mean it wouldnt work for you. I'd check in with a Chinese or Indian herbalist. I've heard of Goat's Rue, Blessed Thistle, Oatmeal, Barley, Beer (the hops in it help, and i saw a small increase in my supply, there's not enough alcohol to affect your baby and you get all of it bc the way the liver processes it. Plus it helps you with letdown bc it relaxes you). There's others here as well




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    Besides using drugs to increase your milk supply you might want to try decreasing the time between feedings or expressing. The more times you stimulate the milk cells to produce milk the more milk they will produce per session.
    also the breasts are never dry, there is always some milk so even if your baby has been actively sucking for 20 minutes you still have milk while she suckels.
    breasts pumps are not as effective as a sucking baby but staying on a pump too long can hurt. so take a break for 5 minutes, hand massage your breasts and then return to the pump.
    when my first born was an infant i drank a bottle of rolling rock beer once a day at 4 o'clock and it really helped with milk production. that is probably not practical for a working mom.

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