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Thread: Retraining baby to latch after tongue tie fixed

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    Default Retraining baby to latch after tongue tie fixed

    My daughter is almost six months old and had stopped gaining weight after about three months. After seemingly countless visits to the pediatrician and three lactation consultants, the last lactation consultant finally diagnosed a tongue tie, and we had it clipped when my daughter was five months old. I have been supplementing with formula to get her weight up, and it's working, but the hope was that after her tongue was fixed and her latch improved that my supply would increase and we could go back to exclusively breastfeeding. It's been almost three weeks since the tongue clipping, and I haven't seen any improvement with her latch, which has been pretty shallow since she was born. I'm trying to position her better at the breast and get her to open wide and latch more deeply, but she always seems to pull back as soon as my let-down comes. She's occasionally gotten on really deep since the frenotomy, but usually between let-downs, and I don't think she's really getting any reward for the new deeper latch at that point, if that makes sense.

    I'm wondering if anyone else got their baby's tongue tie fixed late and whether they had any luck getting the baby to improve sucking. Any tips to share? I am in tears every time i give her a bottle of formula because I'm so afraid that she's going to prefer the ease of eating from the bottle and give up on the breast.
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    Default Re: Retraining baby to latch after tongue tie fixed

    how much suppliment would you say your using in 24 hours?

    you could switch to a cup.

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