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Thread: giving probiotics to a 3 week old?!?

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    Default giving probiotics to a 3 week old?!?

    I'm taking acidophiles right now because I am on antibiotics, can I give that baby acidophiles to my three week old as well? I've read a few places that says I can and a few places that says just to take it myself and it will pass through the breast milk. He has been having a lot of gas the past two days, pretty much since I've been taking the antibiotics, and I heard that probiotics help. I just don't want to give him to much. I am taking three pills a day about 2 hours after I take my antibiotics.

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    Default Re: giving probiotics to a 3 week old?!?

    I'm not a doctor, but I rubbed acidophilus on the inside of Joe's mouth when we both had thrush at that age. I think it's pretty harmless. You can buy "infant probiotics" at the health food store, but honestly, I just broke open a capsule of acidophilus and gave it to him. I don't think there is anything bad that it can do to you. Your breast milk IS probiotic, whether or not you are taking probiotics, however, acidophilus a very specific probiotic culture.

    One thing - because the antibiotics are killing all of the bacteria in your body now, definitely keep up the probiotics AFTER you've finished your course. That's when they do the most good. When you are doing them at the same time as antibiotics, it's questionable how many of the good bacteria survive.

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    Default Re: giving probiotics to a 3 week old?!?

    I gave my baby proiotics when he was that age they were reccomended by my midwife I gave him primadophilus that I just got from a health food store. It is a refergerated powder.
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    Default Re: giving probiotics to a 3 week old?!?

    I gave DS2 probiotics at around 6-8wks for a 2 week course to help with tummy issues. Regular adult capsules opened and he got 1/2 of the powder a day

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    Default Re: giving probiotics to a 3 week old?!?

    I gave ds2 probiotics at around 2-3 weeks as reccommended by my midwife for treating thrush. I opened a baby bifido capsule and mixed it with some expressed breastmilk and gave it to him with a dropper.
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