Don't give up, sweetie! I think my baby is a week behind yours (1 month old today) and we just got through the same exact thing you described. She was on the breast for HOURS at a time and it got me really worried that I didn't have enough milk. I saw a lactation consultant after the 1st night she did it and ruled out a milk supply issue. Actually, it's the opposite - she was getting 2 oz in 10 mins at the time (she was 2 wks old). Anyway, she's gaining weight like a champ and just the last couple of days she has backed off of the marathon nursing sessions a.k.a. cluster feedings. Now, she's going like 4 hours between sessions. Anyway, hang in there. Your baby knows what she's doing even if it doesn't make much sense to you. I agree with whoever said to do something to distract you while it's going on. I am now addicted to Keeping Up With The Kardashians because of this!!! LOL Find some guilty pleasure on TV, settle in and let that baby suckle. Hang in there - you are NOT alone!