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Thread: I can't believe it

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    Default I can't believe it

    but I think DD is weaned. She hasn't nursed or asked to nurse in three days. I'm okay with it because I know my milk dried up with this pregnancy and also I wanted a few months to myself before this next lil babe is born. I guess I just expected tears or a struggle. DH has taken over bedtimes to help her get used to going to bed without nursing. After the first night she didn't nurse (I was gone when she went to bed) we just decided to go for it. I didn't want to be aware that "this time" was the last time nursing her. It would just be too sad.

    I am thankful we had such a wonderful nursing experience and I will always remember my special times with my baby girl fondly.

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    Default Re: I can't believe it

    way to go!

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    I know what you mean-- My son is very close to done now, and I keep trying NOT to think "is this the last nursing???" because it's too sad.

    I think my son could easily handle his bedtime without nursing, all I'd have to do is decline to offer. He only nurses a minute or two at bedtime anyway. Things changed a little rapidly with being pregnant, maybe my milk changed or dropped, and my son's personality is always changing of course (he is almost 3) but either way things have really dropped off and I am waiting to see what I can say it's official we are done. I'd been sad about weaning but now that I am pregnant I DO want some "time off" the breasts to gear up for the next little one!

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