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Thread: Biting & lowered interest

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    Default Biting & lowered interest

    Hi everyone,

    My DD is 13.5 months now. Up til a couple of weeks ago, she was nursing 6-7 times a day at 1-3 times at night. She eats solids 3x/day but not very much at a time. She's only got 4 teeth in and a strong gag reflex so it's not a big variety of food (unless we puree it). Anyway, recently she's started biting my nipples and doesn't seem nearly as interested during the day. First it was the biting, which she'd do AFTER she was done eating. So I'd tell her no and put her down but she really wasn't fazed because she was already done. Then about 4 days ago she started biting every time I put her on, and right away, within the first 15 seconds. I'd pull her off, wait a few minutes and put her back on, and she'd do it again. So she hasn't really been nursing at all during the day because I'm sick of being bitten and she doesn't really seem upset about it . Over the last couple of days, she's asked to nurse 4 times total (during the day), but each time she bit me right away, so that was the end of that. I've been giving her expressed milk in a sippy cup and she's happily drinking it.

    At night, she's still nursing just as she always has. She's bitten a couple of times, but not nearly as hard as she's been biting during the day.

    In the meantime I've been pumping just once a day--getting about 10 oz--and giving her that and then organic whole milk which she seems to like. And then of course she's getting BM at night.

    Seems weird that she's weaning during the day before weaning at night. And what's up with the biting? I've had family members and friends tell me it's just her way of saying she's ready to wean. I'm not sure about that, but she definitely doesn't seem to be bothered by the lack of nursing during the day.

    ETA: She is working her eye teeth. One is most of the way in and the other is just about to break through her gums.

    Any ideas/experience with this kind of thing?

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    Default Re: Biting & lowered interest

    I can relate to the biting - Mollie has 4 teeth in completely (her bottom front came in first, then her eye teeth on the top - vampire!!), now her front teeth are coming in on the top. When she cut her eye teeth, she bit quite often, although I think it was unintentional. Now she's 14mo and I don't think the biting is always by accident . If I fuss at her, she usually stops it right there, but unlike your DD, her interest hasn't waned, so if I pull her off, she's hungry. (I also pump weaned several months ago, and there is no stockpile - no boob, no milk). Like your DD, Mollie eats table food, but usually not much at all...no gagging, she just prefers breastmilk.

    The only advice I can think of is to wait it out (ouch - I know) and see if it is her eye teeth aggravating the problem.

    I know when they get this age, a lot of them are "weird" - they change their behavior drastically depending on their environment and the current situation. Rest assured, whatever is going on now will be completely different the next time you turn around.
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    Did you try giving her tylenol or advil to see if that helps? My son was cutting an eye tooth and would bite during the day and not nurse but was ok at night. Took a few days and he was fine after that. I could tell it was bothering him because he would try to nurse and pull away crying. He was ok with a cup during those few days.

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