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Thread: Baby latches fine but....

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    Red face Baby latches fine but....

    Hello all. My LO is 2 months old and he has never had a problem latching but since I have an OALD and an OS I usually pump and bottle feed him because he would always choke when he was smaller. Now he has pretty much learned to control the flow and doesnt choke often and he does latch about 2 times a day for a little snack. I am trying to get him back on the breast and do less bottle feeds but I am noticing a problem. He latches and drinks fine at the beginning but once my breast gets softer he begins to unlatch, then latch, then unlatch, then latch continuously. How can I get him to stay latched? Will it just take time for him to learn and adjust since maybe he is more used to a bottles nipple versus mine? Thanks for listening and for any advice you have in advance. I really want to do more actual breastfeeding versus just being on the pump all the time... I want more bonding time with my LO!
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    May guess is that your little guy just needs to learn that in order to get fed, he needs to keep sucking. It sounds like he wants your breast to work like a bottle- that is, to reward him with food even without him needing to put in much effort. My thought is that the more you can hang in there through the latch/unlatch cycle, and the longer you can go before using a bottle, the more he'll learn that nursing takes effort and effort produces reward. You also might want to try using breast compressions to keep the flow going.

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    with mommal - the breast compressions work for me as my LO does this sometimes too. She really prefer the fast flow of the let down, and once it slows, she sometimes gets fussy.

    Also, when you bottle feed, try and pause ever 1/5 oz - take the bottle out of his mouth and make him wait 1-3 minutes before giving it back. He will fuss during the wait but it may help him get used to waiting for the let downs from your breasts.

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