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Thread: My baby forgot how to latch on properly

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    Default My baby forgot how to latch on properly

    Hey everyone,
    I need some help.
    My baby is a month old and I've been breastfeeding her since birth without any serious problems. Had some difficulties at the beginning (milk came in later, sore nipples etc) but they all have been resolved.
    This has happened the second time. At one feed she's ok and at the next feed she just forgets how to latch on properly. Looking for the nipple, licking it, trying to suck it but just the nipple and not enough breast tissue to get the milk out. Then eventually she gives up and starts screaming. No matter what I do I can't get her latch on properly Last time it lasted 2-3 days and then suddenly she was fine again. This time it started two nights ago so we will see...
    We give her a bottle very rarely when I need to leave her at home and it's got that special low-flow teat which shouldn't confuse a breastfeeding baby.
    She hasn't had a bottle in two weeks so it shouldn't be a problem or could it be?
    I bought some nipple shields today but they don't seem to work either she doesn't latch on them properly either and doesn't suck strong enough.
    Help please I don't know what to do and I'm really upset now

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    Default Re: My baby forgot how to latch on properly

    Have you tried hand expressing a few drops to give her a taste? Maybe that will nudge her into latching
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