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Thread: Fussing and pulling off

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    I'm getting very frustrated
    This doesn't happen every day, but often enough to frustrate me and her.
    My 4 week old will be nursing wonderfully, and a few minutes into the second breast will begin fussing and constantly pulingl off. Especially in the evenings. I know babies normally have their fussy periods in the evenings She'll be nursing wonderfully and then start the fussing and yanking off. She will move her head back and forth really fast like she's looking for the nipple, sometimes even snorting, but not latch on even if the nipple is in her mouth. If by chance she does latch on, she will only suck a few times before starting the fussing and pulling off all over again. She hasbeen doing this since the first week. What could this be? It lasts for several hours at a time.

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    same here withmy 2 month baby he just stared like 2 weeksago and i don't know either what is wrong he pulls off crying and getting fussy he sucks for less than 30 seconds and there we go again so frustrating. But i don't want to stop Bf him.

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    I posted something similar the other day, as my 3.5 week old started exhibiting this kind of behavior. At first, I thought he was really hungry because he acted so frantic. After a while, I realized I think it tends to happen when he's fed for a while, might need to burp, and is overtired. What has worked for me is to first try to burp him and offer him the other breast first. If he still acts frantic, I take him off, burp him, swaddle him, and walk with him either in the kitchen with the vent fan on or in the bathroom with the bathroom fan on. I've found the white noise and swaddling calm him down after a few minutes, and he tends to drift off to sleep. I think the issue is he is overstimulated but doesn't really know how to communicate it. Hope you find something that works for your little one!
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