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Thread: Zantac & Sleep

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    I have a question for all of you have have a LO on Zantac. My dd started on it this Tuesday. Ever since (granted only 2 full days) her sleep has been horrible. She's been awake most of the days and part of the night. She's usually a consistent napper/sleeper. Can Zantac keep them up?

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    I'll definitely ask about Previcid. My older dd was in it for about a year. This Zantac mint is gross! Our ped actually prescribed on the higher end, so I'm told by the pharmacist (1.0 ml/three times daily). I don't know if that's true. Thanks for the support. It's much more stressful to have a baby with reflux than an older child (for me anyway!).


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    My daughter is on Zantac, has been for 4.5 months (she is 6.5 months old now). She sleeps 12 hours a night and takes 2 naps a day, so I don't think it is keeping her up. The only thing I can think of is that she is still suffering so the discomfort of the reflux is keeping her up. I would give it a couple of days to "kick in" before worrying. On the other hand, I know that many people have had luck with Prevacid, so it may be worth trying that. I hope she feels better soon. It is so hard to have to give your little one medication, especially since they do not understand that it is better for them. I know it breaks my heart every day. Good luck!

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    I never noticed and sleep disturbances when Luke was on Zantac (outside of our normal sleep issues ). Probably a coincidence that you're noticing. Did he also get shots while you were at the ped?

    I know the mint Zantac is AWEFUL! What made someone think that babies would like mint We finally found a compounding pharmacy that was able to compound the Zantac from the pills. We chose a grape-bubblegum flavor that Luke liked. Another advantage of this is - no added alcohol. The Prevacid that Luke is currently on are quick dissolving tablets. I love those. No measuring - No mess!

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    Believe or not but over time Thomas really started to like the taste of his zantac. I would give it really slow at first and then overtime he started to do great with it. About the sleep. Thomas actually was the opposite, he was very sleepy in the beginning, I actually called the pharmacist bc he was so sleepy and he said that it can be make some very tired? Who knows, maybe he was just feeling better so that is why he was sleeping? Who knows, hope your lo is feeling better soon B

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    My son is also on Zantac - and I've never noticed any sleep problems with it. If anything, he slept better after I started him on it. I actually usually give him his night dose while he's asleep and he never wakes up - I guess he's just gotten used to the taste.

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    my lo was on zantac with no sleep disturbances but we got the dr to write a script for zantac effervescent tablets which are made for infants and children, it's like an alkaseltzer tablet that dissolves in water and there's no alcohol in it. my lo difinitely liked the taste better. maybe this would help?

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