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Thread: Pumping at work while managing OS/OALD

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    Default Pumping at work while managing OS/OALD

    DD is 4.5mos old and weighs about 13lbs. I have been back to work part time for about 3 weeks now. I am away from DD for about 11 hours two days a week. She has been refusing most bottles, but this week she finally started to accept them a little. I nurse her in the morning right before I leave, then pump three times at work, and nurse her again as soon as I pick her up from my parents. This week she has been drinking about three, two ounce bottles while I am at work. The problem is that I am pumping about 20oz during that same time . She obviously normally consumes more than 6oz when we are together nursing, but I doubt she is taking 20oz. We have been battling OS/OALD all along, and I thought we were doing better through block feedings. She acts comfortable while nursing, has stopped spitting up for the most part, and no longer has green poops. I am afraid though, that by pumping this much, I may eventually worsen the problem again. I am considering dropping one pumping session, or simply limiting the amount I pump at each session so I am collecting only 1 to 1.5oz/per hour while I am at work. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you handle it ? Also, when I nursed DS I had multiple problems with clogged ducts. I am constantly paranoid I will have problems with these again if I limit pumping.

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    Default Re: Pumping at work while managing OS/OALD

    I had this problem too. I already had OS, DS2 wasn't taking very much from a bottle while I was at work and I was pumping a ton. On weekends he was having a hard time because of my body was used to producing so much. I just cut the amount I was pumping at each session gradually. As long as you cut down gradually, it should keep you from getting clogged ducts.

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    Default Re: Pumping at work while managing OS/OALD

    I tapered down my pumping sessions so I was pumping a little more than what baby would need at day care the next day.

    I found that I was constantly tinkering with my pumping - number of times and amount of times - depending on my supply at that point in time and how much EBM baby needed.

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    Default Re: Pumping at work while managing OS/OALD

    I had oversupply as well, but probably not as bad as yours from what you describe. My son was better @ taking a bottle by the time I went back to work @ 11 weeks, but he was still only taking three 4-oz bottles per day; at his peak, he was at three 5-oz bottles per day. During that time I was also pumping 18-24oz of milk per day in three sessions.

    I will say that my supply dipped sharply when my periods returned, such that I would pump exactly what I needed those days. It dipped again when he started eating solids. It plummeted when I got pregnant. By then, I was having to supplement out of my stash.

    I considered donating, and that is what I likely would have ended up doing had I not dried up when he was still so little. I would advise to maybe taper a little, but still stay at lease a bottle a day ahead. You can always donate when your freezer gets full
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