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Thread: Severely cracked nipple - HELP!!!

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    Default Severely cracked nipple - HELP!!!

    Hello! I need some help and encouragement here. My son is 2.5weeks old and I am struggling with a severely cracked (very deep cracks) nipple! I have nursed 2 other children just fine - and know what I am doing...but recently found out that my newborn was tongue tied (which explains my cracks). He was recently fixed by clipping his tongue - although the cracks aren't healing very quickly. They are very deep. He also struggles to eat very relaxed on that side because of my overactive let down- he gulps and then is in pain from the bubbles and wrenches his head back and forth! ouch!!!
    I started pumping that side last night because I can't take the pain anymore. I then feed him the bottle after he nurses off of my pain-free side - which doesn't produce nearly as much milk as my cracked side.

    My questions are: am I supposed to be able nurse him on my cracked side - pain free if he is latched on properly? Or do I need to have the cracks completely heal before I feel no pain? I've done everything that has been recommended to help heal the cracks, but they are still there! How long does it take? HELP!!!

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    My nipples were severely cracked for the first couple months of nursing (they actually looked like volcanoes with molten lava ready to erupt). My experience was DD started latching and nursing better around 8 weeks, but my nipples still hurt. By 10 weeks, the nipples were obviously healing, but were still sore. Now, at 12 weeks, the nipples are mostly healed and we've only been nursing pain-free for about a week now. I know nursing isn't supposed to hurt, but if you have open wounds on your nipples, I don't care how well the baby nurses-that's going to be uncomfortable! If the nipples are fully healed and it still hurts, that is when I would suspect that something is still wrong. Keep using the lanolin, or whatever you are using to heal the nipples and keep being vigilant about latch and positioning.

    Also, I'll just mention, DD only started nursing better when I put away the nursing pillow. I know people have different experiences with this, but it was so profound a difference for me, that I thought I'd mention it.

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    Default Re: Severely cracked nipple - HELP!!!

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    I didn't read the page from Kellymom that PP mentioned, so maybe this is in there...but what helped heal my cracked nipples was expressing some breastmilk after feeding and spreading all over the nipples. Let that dry then put Lansinoh over it. Within a day my cracked nipples started healing and I'd say they were totally healed within 3 days.

    Good luck!
    Currently breastfeeding DD#2 - born Nov 19, 2010.

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