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Thread: New Mom, so sad please help

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    if she is latching great, then just nurse her. You stay home so do just that. Stay home, stay on comfy clothing, set up camp in whatever sopt is most comfortable to you and NURSE all day. That is how you will increase your supply.

    this is possible and you can do it!
    Mommy of 4,
    3 who I watch over, 1 who watches over all of us

    J- 8/20/05 pumped breastmilk for 11 months due to his cleft lip and palate!

    M- 10/17/07 my precious baby lives forever in her mommys heart

    M- 3/31/09 my special gift, she helps heal her mommy and daddys heart. Nursed for 4 years and 10 days, self weaned the day her baby brother was born!

    E-, new little miracle born 4/11/13, my BIG baby! Born 8.6 at 38 weeks. At 9 weeks nearly 17lbs, at 12 weeks nearly 20lbs, at 6 months nearly 23lbs, at 8 months nearly 25lbs and all from BREASTMILK

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    Default Re: New Mom, so sad please help

    I don't have any new advice just some encouragement!You can do it!
    Mother to the wonderful Teya - born June 21, 2010

    Wife to Pat Sept 13, 2008

    We are and at school

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