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Thread: New Mom, so sad please help

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    Default New Mom, so sad please help


    My daughter is going to be one month tomorrow and it seems like my milk supply has just plummeted. 3 weeks ago I was pumping and getting about 3 oz from each breast, now I'm lucky if I get 0.5 oz each time i pump. I've tried everything pumping more, switching breasts as soon as she starts lagging, drinking more water. Nothing is working so I have been having to supplement her with formula and at first I was fine with it because it was like once a day but now its almost all she eats. I am just devastated, I'm at home so I have all the time in the world to breastfeed but its just not working. Is it too late to get my supply back up? I did just order "More Milk Plus Capsules" does anyone think this will help, I really don't want to give up but I've been told if you don't establish a good supply by one month it wont work out, is that true?

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    Default Re: New Mom, so sad please help

    Are you nursing from the breast or only pumping?
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    I am doing both, I was mostly pumping (Madela pump in style) for the last 3 weeks but this week I have tried nursing more and pumping after I nurse her.

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    The best way to get your supply back up for now is to focus on nursing, not on pumping. Pumping is more time consuming than nursing, and usually more frustrating because you just can't get the same amount from the pump that your baby will get while she's nursing.

    The worst thing you can do for your supply is to increase the amount that you're supplementing. It's okay right now to constantly have your baby on your breast. But the more you supplement, the more your body is assuming that you don't need to make as much milk.

    It's not too late though - just make sure you're offering the breast frequently-- i would say on average at this age I was nursing an average of 20 minutes out of every hour of the day and pretty conistently through the night.

    Are you cosleeping? Nursing through the night is another good way to get your supply back up -- even if your baby isn't waking up naturally I would make sure she's eating about every 3 hours still through the night, but not longer than four hours without nursing.

    Good luck Mama!
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    nurse, nurse, nurse, nurse as frequently as humanly possible , pump after each and every feeding and use that pumped milk *first* (before any formula, if needed) to supplement in an SNS (not bottle - the SNS will allow baby to give your breasts more sucking stimulation so they can make more milk), taking fenugreek capsules (or some other herbs, I used fenugreek and it *seemed* to help, with all the other measures), eating tons of oatmeal, drinking plenty of water. also power pumping (10 mins on, 10 mins off for 1 hour) when baby's not nursing. those are what I did to get my supply back up from having been tanked waaay down due to LO's suckling problems at 2MO. they worked and I'm still nursing at 14MO.
    good luck mama!
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    Default Re: New Mom, so sad please help

    no, it's not too late, just keep nursing and count how many soiled nappies LO makes to know if & how much to supplement



    you can do this
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    ladies, thank you all so much! I will work on it...its so wonderful to have a place to go for help.

    thank you

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    Check out those links. I really think that because pumping output is NOT an indication of supply that your body may just be regulating supply. Count wet and dirty diapers, follow the link above and nurse as much as possible. Also why were you pumping if you stay home with baby?
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    Toss the pump. Toss the bottles. Go to bed and nurse, nurse, nurse that baby. Even hourly. It'll take a few days, but your supply can and will rebound if you started out with a good supply.

    You can still fix this. There's no magic time frame. It's just going to be a bit more difficult for you.
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    I was pumping because she just would not latch for the first 2 weeks or so. The Hospital actually made my husband go get the pump from home the day after my baby was born and they had me pump there so i just kept on. She latches like a pro now though.

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