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Thread: Left Breast Boycott - Week 2

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    Default Left Breast Boycott - Week 2

    Last week, I was a super producer. It seemed like milk was everywhere once it came in. I leaked in the shower, in the bed and was feeding the baby successfully and pumping to relieve myself from engorgement.
    A few days ago this changed. My son is 11 days old now. A few days ago I noticed that he preferred my right breast. He would latch on better and feed for longer on the right side. It got to the point to where he didn't want the left side at all. So yesterday, I started giving him the left side first and spending more time there. He mostly just spits out my nipple or just chews on it. Because he's a preemie and I'm concerned about weight gain, I put him on the right side after trying unsuccessfully for about 15 mins on the left. Then I pump the left.
    What I'm worried about is that I have been able to pump less and less from the left. I went from 65ml to 20 ml yesterday to 20 ml today! My breast is soft and squishy and I'm so worried that I've lost my supply. I feed him every 3 1/2 hours, even though he would rather be sleeping.

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    Your body works off supply and demand so it is possible that your right breast is producing more to compensate for the left. My DS2 started refusing the left at 2 months, and I successfully fed him off one breast no problem. I still pump from the other and give the milk to my older toddler. 3 1/2 hours sounds like awhile to go between feedings for a newborn, can you feed more often?

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    I nursed from one side for almost 6 weeks because I had so much trouble getting my DD to latch on the right side. I pumped the right side every time, and I'm really glad I kept up the supply on that side because now she nurses from both.

    The LC I saw said it sometimes takes a while for their mouths to get big enough to be comfy on both sides.

    I would just keep trying on the side your LO doesn't like, but don't worry about it if he will only take one side. Just pump the un-used side.

    Here's an easy way to pump and nurse at the same time: Get an old, stretchy, non-underwire bra. Cut slits where your nipples go that are big enough for the pump flanges, but not too big that they'll slip out. Then let the bra hold the pump flange for you while you feed your LO on the other side. Voila! It works great!

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