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Thread: Pumping and Divorce Question

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    I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry you're going through this. BIG HUGS to you & Good Luck!!

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    Well the baby isn't due until February and I don't know how soon we will go to court after that. We are still talking and the first I heard of him wanting overnights was through a letter from his lawyer. So I don't really know if it's coming from him, or being pushed from others. In the past he has expressed his concern in being able to handle both children, but then comes back and says it's "his right" to have what he's asking for. So I do think alot of it is people telling him what he should push for and receive.

    I'm just getting really anxious about the whole thing and would love to avoid conflicts and drama right before, and after the birth.

    Thanks for all the feedback ladies!

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    I hope you guys can work out a satisfactory custody arrangement for everyone and if you need any help with the breastfeeding, come here!!

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    Have you tried talking directly to him about it? Telling him that you want him to have time with the baby and you'll go to extra effort to make sure he gets the time, but he needs to understand that this is in the best interests of the baby. If others are pushing him maybe appealing to his better nature would help.
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