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    How much solids does it take for poop to change from more of a breastmilk only poop to more of a food poop? (Does this question make sense?)

    DS is 8 months. He gets offered food 2 times per day - of course I'm not sure how much really gets in his mouth and then swallowed. Anyways, his poop has really changed in consistency over the past week or so. How much does it take?

    (The bigger picture is I'm curious if he is getting more solids at daycare than I have authorized . Although I REALLY hope not because we have talked about this repeatedly. Or maybe our babysitter is making sure he actually eats everything instead of just letting him play around.)

    Anyways - will a little bit of food change the consistency that much??


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    I'm not an expert or anything, but speaking from my experience these past few months, very little food can change the poop drastically. My girl was pooping every day (blowouts too!) before solid food. After introducing a few spoonfuls and now up to just barely half of a small jar a day (I think that's about 2 oz) she poops like every 4 or 5 days, its much thicker (usually like PB, sometimes thicker) pretty stinky too. The change happened almost immediately.

    Some days my MIL or mom really makes sure she eats it all, somedays she's not interested and doesn't eat that much. It doesn't seem to make a difference overall in the poop for that "cycle". We BF 8-10 times a day too. So, in conclusion, I'd say for my LO it only took 2 oz. a day to really get the poop solid.
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    w/ above poster.

    My son maybe started with 2-4 oz homemade purees at first, and it took only a few days to really firm up his stools - to the point of becoming kind of big and painful, and I had to give him juice. He really preferred the starchy veggies like sweet potatoes and butternut squash, and those are notorious for constipating. After a while (a few weeks maybe?) he got used to it.
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    Default Re: Changing Poop

    Yep. It doesn't take much for the poop to "mature" I wouldn't be concerned.
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    ds is 14 months and his diaper contents change daily. I much prefer the more 'grown up' poop as it is easier to clean, but it doesn't happen often.
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